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Eye Beauty Treatments

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‘Under the eye’ frequently is the first sign of change in the aging face. Dark circles, under eye bags, crows’ feet all cause facial features to look older than your actual age. They are caused due to many factors or a combination of them such as age, gravity and genetics. We offer a range of quick and effective non-surgical eye treatments to solve the issues of the most prominent feature of your face, namely the area around the Eyes. These solutions help to firm the skin, minimize dark circles and puffiness making you and your skin look radiant and young.

Different kinds of eye treatment

  1. Chemical Peels/ Enzyme Peels/Aqua Peels
  2. Isabelle Lancray Ilsa 1 Contour des Yeux luxury under eye treatment
  3. Radio Frequency skin tightening and Magnetic Pulse treatment
  4. Professional skin care products