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Mesotherapy is an antiaging treatment designed to stimulate the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin.This is done by applying certain natural extracts, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to stimulate cell regeneration. This results in the production of collagen and elastin thereby helping in facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and a reversal of age related damage.


  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • Increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Improvement in the skin’s complexion and radiance
  • Prevention of wrinkles and rejuvenates and revives dull, tired looking skin
  • Improves tone and elasticity of sagging skin on the hands, décolleté & neck area
  • Treats all skin types safely

Recommended for

  • Loss of glow
  • Dull skin
  • Loss of tone & elasticity
  • Loss of volume
  • Superficial lines & wrinkles
  • Hair thinning
  • Stretch marks

Types of mesotherapy treatments

Injectible Mesotherapy


It is a technique where medication is injected (using a very fine needle) by a certified dermatologist, into the mesoderm of the skin. This nourishes and rejuvenates the skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates your skin’s metabolism. After a course of mesotherapy injections the result is plumper, hydrated, radiant and glowing skin.

  • For Mesotherapy to be most effective a course of 4-6 treatments are recommended at 2-4 week intervals
  • There may be some superficial swelling and signs of tiny needle marks after treatment which will settle in 24-48 hours. This may take a little longer around the eye area so clients may need a little recovery time.

For optimum results, we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments of Mesotherapy. Once you complete the recommended course, the results can last from 12-18 months.

Dermaroller (Skin Needling)

The Dermaroller is a great rejuvenation treatment for the face. The treatment stimulates the skin and encourages it to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely. The end result is smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin. It is a safe, effective, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a micro-needling device to create a controlled injury in the dermis of the skin. By doing so, the skin’s natural defense allows it to create new collagen cells by stimulating growth and healing factors.


  • Improves thickness of dermis and epidermis
  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces scars
  • Resurfaces and smoothens the skin
    The Dermaroller treatment can be performed on all skin types. There is basically no downtime associated with the procedure and there is minimal discomfort. Treatments can be performed every two months until the desired results are reached, but visible improvement can be seen after even one treatment.
  • Results vary from patient to patient.

Recommended for

  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Uneven texture and tone

Needle-free Mesotherapy


Infusion Electro-mesotherapy is a non-surgical, pain-free treatment that provides safe and effective trans-dermal delivery of therapeutic solutions. It directly nourishes the cells with vital nutrients facilitating rejuvenation. No-needle mesotherapy has no side effects and is suitable for all skin types. It is often used in treating cellulite, excess weight and skin and neck rejuvenation.

This is a pain-free safe alternative. No downtime.

You can get the treatment done during your lunch hour and then head back to work. You will definitely see visible results after your first treatment, the effects of mesotherapy infusion are cumulative and a series of 4-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart is recommended to start with maintenance treatments every 6-8 weeks.