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We have often heard terms such as ‘It runs in the family’ or ‘it’s in our genes’. Nutrigenomics is a science that studies how Nutrients and Genes interact. It tries to understand how regulating food components affect the body at the biochemical and organ systems levels. The better informed we are about our food choices, the better we can preserve not only our own health, but that of future generations. Nutrigenomics is an effective tool for nutritionists and health care professionals to create an optimal diet for individuals or targeted groups with a genetically identified dietary need thereby improving quality of life

The potential for the application of Nutrigenomics is vast and evolving and is helpful in disease prevention and intervention such as:-

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Lactose Intolerance in babies and adults
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Gluten Intolerance
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Managing Obesity
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Reaction to Caffeine
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Managing Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases

By analyzing information on your genes and their variants, diet, lifestyle and environment, a nutritional expert/doctor will be able –

  • To create a nutrition plan that’s optimized for your body’s health.
  • To design an individualized recommendation for medication and supplements that works for your body.